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TechYEA! is an unique web design firm. We are a group of reliable Web Designers serving New York for the past 10 years. When you need a digital marketing company, you can fill out one form and get matched to an outstanding web designer.

Just call us at 1-800-421-1920 or let us know about your requirements using the form on this page. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and time frame to finish the project. You are in full control of which Onondaga Hill professional you hire. We will bring you up to 3 proposals and you can decide which is best suited for your project.

Receive up to 3 offers from Onondaga Hill web professionals. Simply fill-out one web form and get a quote for a web designer in Onondaga Hill. See New York's top Web Designers who are ready to re-design your site at a great rate.

If you reside in Onondaga County you need a great Web Developer. We also work with people from: The Valley, Taunton, Split Rock, Loomis Hill, Nedrow, Onondaga Castle, Skytop, Armory Square, Syracuse, Westvale

Inquire with TechYEA! for Web Design Agency in Central New York

We have the top WordPress Designers in-house.

Producing great web designs is what we do everyday.

Fill out our form and we can get you a quote within 24 hours after we review your requirements.

Most of our websites can be done in less than one month.

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TechYEA! keeps your website updated so you can keep doing what YOU do best! TechYEA! builds websites that are simple for YOU to update the content if you desire.

TechYEA!‘s Web Design Agency in Onondaga Hill offers:

  • Looks Great on Phones
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Designer Focused – Results Driven
  • Designed For Site Owner to Easy Update Site

Finding a great Web Developer used to be a pain… Not now!

Our websites are all Responsive or Mobile Friendly.

Syracuse Web Designers

  • Purplewire – 108 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • Face First Creative – 314 2nd St, Liverpool, NY 13088
  • Socially Structured – 437 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY 13210
  • Web Design Questions

    Exactly what is web design?

    Basically, web design is the process of putting text, images as well as video media onto a virtual surface called a web page. The first websites started in the 1990’s with the introduction of the world wide web.

    Exactly what is responsive web design?

    The term responsive pertains to a website design that transforms its layout based on the device display size or web browser type. This is key in making your website show up well on all devices, such as tablets, mobile phones along with desktop computers.

    Exactly what does SEO mean in web design?

    SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It involves the technique of adjusting a number of of web page components as well as meta data within the website to get the most exposure on the search engines like Google and Bing. Some individuals will create external backlinks to “fool” the online search engines to “believe” that the website is much more popular than it is. We do not recommend this technique as it can in fact produce the opposite result as intended because of recent changes in the search engine algorithms which punish websites that “game the system”.

    We optimize your website for ideal SEO performance without threatening your future rankings from AI based online search engine like Google.

    Exactly what is the distinction between a web designer and a web developer?

    Basically a “Web Designer” is an individual that uses design knowledge and skill to build the overall appearance of a website, typically using systems like Clickfunnels, Drupal, Shopify, Magento or WordPress.

    On the other hand, a “Web Developer” is an individual that is much more “programming centric” and normally develops a custom-made website without a framework or CMS.

    Why is WordPress so popular?

    WordPress is an open-source platform that was built for the democratization of blogging in the mid 2000’s. In the previous 10 years WordPress has actually gotten quite popular with the general website building community because of the numerous options of themes (the visual appearance) as well as plugins (mini-scripts with functionality).

    There is much confusion out there concerning WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The majority of web professionals will use the WordPress.org open-source self-hosted/software solution to build sites, whereas WordPress.com is a commercial blogging platform “in the cloud” much like Wix or Squarespace (where you build the sites yourself).

    Exactly what does a static website mean?

    A static website is a site that does not have any type of Content Management System (CMS) (like WordPress or Drupal) and generally is coded as straight files and html without a database required. These simple sites are not as common as they were back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    Exactly what does flat web design mean?

    A clean, flat web design is the practice of making extremely simple 2D graphics and usually the website will have a very minimalistic design. Flat design does not use any type of drop shadows or 3D effects, however many designers are adding 3D images and dimensional angled elements to add contrast to flat designs.

    “Material Design” is commonly used by designers nowadays and was created by User Experience Experts to create the comfort of real world (material/physical components) to help the individual feel genuinely connected and comfortable with using the website. Material Design is a very subtle effect however it increases the overall User Experience in most cases.

    What exactly is a Web App?

    A web app is a website with a significant amount of coding on the backend to make it work similar to a desktop software application or mobile app. Web apps can set you back $100k+ to build whereas most websites cost less than $25k.

    Exactly what is a Parallax website?

    Parallax is an effect made use of to produce a feeling of motion on a page with images and backgrounds. It uses layers and graphics to scroll at various speeds. You can also have a photo “fixed and have the “window” viewing area scroll up the web page instead of the picture scrolling like the typical “old school” websites.

    Most Importantly: What is the normal price for a website in Onondaga Hill?

    A regular website produced by our group varies from $4k to $25k. We can also offer pricing to handle hosting and ongoing maintenance of your website. Contact us to get a custom quote for your web next project.

    Very good Web Design Contains Easy Navigation: Reducing Clicks Increases Time Spent on Page

    Websites will need to be nice-looking. That’s been a long-established Internet norm for company sites. If you wow your customers with flat graphics, exciting images, and cool interactive features, you make your site a more enjoyable place to go. While the visual impact is a huge part of successful web design, it is not the only one. Customers want website content via an efficient expressway, not a long scenic route.

    Here are just three reasons to focus on navigation when choosing your next web design service:

    Customer frustration is a major problem for your brand.

    Online competition is greater each day and that means potential clients have their choice of suppliers and companies. They are able to have a long list of expectations and leave one firm for another the second one of those expectations isn’t meant. It is one thing to lose their attention on a marketing video that just misses the mark or an ad that reaches them in the wrong time. It is another thing entirely to get a website that’s tough to navigate, doesn’t have working links, or has a dysfunctional search feature. Look for a web design service that ensures smooth navigation and no broken links.

    The fewer taps it takes, the better.

    The majority of your web traffic is going to be on a mobile device. Tapping, scrolling, and typing are becoming easier on smartphones, but it is still inconvenient. Make a list of your key products, customer personas, and online offers. If someone unfamiliar with your site can’t reach every page in three clicks or less, your content is tough to navigate. If you can’t reach them in three clicks or less, your content is not possible to navigate. While a determined visitor may get to the right landing page or product link, you are relying on their tenacity rather than your site’s quality.

    Putting your site to the test is merely the first part of a high quality web redesign. We’ve got the experience and expertise to turn your site clean, easy to navigate, and beautiful.

    What Does Your Web Design Inform Visitors to Do?

    A good web design can alter visitor behavior. Every screen on your website should be directing visitors to take a certain course of action. This includes the very top of every page, the footer, and each tab down in between. It’s tough to catch anyone’s attention for long online, so every second should be spent directing them towards a buy, a subscription or a mailing list. Here are three fundamental web design elements that every site should have:

    Website Appearance Impacts Visitor Behavior

    Everything is a click away, so capturing your markets attention is hard and keeping it focused on your product is much harder. The majority of internet users prefer content on a beautiful site as opposed to on a plain one, even if readability and functionality aren’t impacted. Over a third of your visitors will also click away if graphics take too long to load, so having the most effective website interface that puts a priority on images can keep your visitors around longer.

    Not All Traffic Comes From Computers

    A substantial percentage of it is coming from smartphones and tablets which vary widely in size and style. Most do-it-yourself website building doesn’t fully incorporate style elements to allow for changing screen sizes and different operating systems. If your site isn’t a responsive web design it won’t translate well to a smaller touchscreen or some of the links will overlap and become unreadable causing you to lose a lot of traffic.

    Your website is one of the only ways your clients will interact with your business. Make sure it remains open and welcoming to the broadest array of visitors possible so you are not turning away business. 

    Your home page should be full of action statements.

    Contemporary home pages are based out of sections. You will find the standard elements that many sites have: navigation bars, sidebars, and a footer. But your homepage also needs to get new horizontal segments when a visitor scrolls down the page. Not only does this allow you to organize your most important information with the most visibility but each display is just another invitation for them to behave.

    These segments can include:

    Your calendar so prospective clients can schedule appointments

    A local map to your physical location

    A huge image of your stylized hero image and service offerings

    Good sites also use active tabs rather than descriptions. The majority of your navigation bar and home page links should consist of verbs.

    Have several landing pages to personalize visitor experiences.

    Even if you’ve got a very specific market, you probably offer more than one specific product or service. You need different landing pages that are focused on a particular offer so you capture a highly refined and targeted foundation. Different landing pages also help you measure the effectiveness of different campaigns: rather than sending all of your traffic from multiple sources to the same landing page, you can send them to different URLs to better measure campaign effectiveness.

    Make the cart simple to locate and simple to use.

    Your website isn’t just there to make sales. Additionally, it strengthens your brand, makes you a market authority, and builds your mailing lists. But your shopping cart should still feature prominently on each page. It helps prospective clients check out in the conclusion of their visit. If any part of the process is inconvenient or makes them think their credit card information may not be safe, they will leave and make their purchases elsewhere.

    These three elements of web design are just the beginning of a very long checklist. Contact us learn more tips about styling your site and the value of professional web design. Let us design your business website or help you build a strong brand online.


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